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Dec. 2nd, 2010

Vicky's Big Day on 20.11.2010

Charles, Priscillia & Yours truly!
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Dec. 1st, 2010


Omg!!! I just calculated (my) lowest possible mark for math p1 is 85/100! All the answers looked familiar yay! You're awesomeee!

thx for your help! My vectors has been scoring near 100% everytime until now. A maybe 1% lost to carelessness

Don't worry!! I get A1 for both maths then apply for part time job at formuless maths :) the boss there surely want me one :)

Tks for yr help! Had an old tuition teacher for a while that did not help at all and she said my boys were not doing her work. The fact was she could not teach A Maths well. Only found out about you much later. They were much more confident of the paper and think (they) can get b3!
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Feb. 26th, 2010


i had a good break over the long extended CNY season. i hope you guys had a good rest as well. extra calories gained and off to the gym now! =)
cumulative ang bao counter: S$498

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Feb. 14th, 2010

my unintentional long absence

hello, everyone!! 恭喜發財, 万事如意! hope this greeting finds you well and that everyone started the tiger year feeling fresh and revived, ready for the better year ahead. the extended, sound and restful sleep on the eve is therapeutic and restorative for me. the revitalising warmth from the sunshine adds to my pleasure.

my sincere apology for my long long absence. and there are dudes who actually text me to say this space of mine is stale and lacking bubbling effervescence. many thanks for checking out often =). it's a really good time to feed everyone with what Lip is busy with lately (since everything is ready and all renovation done). i am now running my own commercial school (with all necessary clearance from the statutory boards, MOE etc) and the response has been good thus far. and when you are running everything yourself, you know you only have yourself to depend on. step into my brand new fully air-conditioned premises ya. 請進!

Formuless Maths Learning CentreCollapse )
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Nov. 27th, 2009


fun night at chalet and wild wild wet
4A'09 Raffles InstitutionCollapse )
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Nov. 23rd, 2009

ma maison

scenic panorama of the Singapore River (taken from ma maison restaurant)

as you should expect, lots of backdated entries will come in gradually. but nonetheless, better late than never. the pictures here were taken in ma maison restaurant during lawrence's birthday. this place is well furnished in an european cottage look-alike decor with lots of random knick knacks and floral printed table cloth in a charming atmosphere. the intimate soft lightings, cordial greetings and impeccable hospitality will promise a legendary homely dining experience. if you are lucky enough and made your reservations early (this place is full house on most days), you might be given a window seat overlooking the scenic singapore river to top up your gastronomic delights. frequented by lot of japanese expatriates, you can expect pretty authentic food yar. ready for pictures, everyone?

feel right at home as you savour a sumptuous meal in the cosy ambience of ma maison

a vintage lead-glass lamp shade at every table

this bread and butter will pretty much take care of that hunger while waiting to be served

side salad that comes with every set meal. crisp and crunchy greens served with a delightful dressing

this chasoba salad is served chilled and made 2 comfortable portions enough for us to savour - we were happy to share it. the cold cha soba is mixed in a very addictive dressing!! the salad greens added a refreshing and cleansing crunch for a hearty enjoyment. very simple ingredients but legendary taste. die-die-must-try! chasoba salad, $8.20

listening attentively...

(poses a smiley face for the camera) hamburger steak and a busy one on the line, $16.50

this hamburger steak comes with a superbly sauce!! patty was fragrant and soft with adequate moisture. that's about all that i can recall =)

birthday boy and a generous complimentary serving of cheesecake slice

instant polaroid with cute mickey frame (from lawrence) cool!
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Nov. 14th, 2009

entries coming in...

heya everyone! realised that there are people reading this because i had complaints that the space here was stale. well, entries ARE coming back and keep refreshing!! because you never know if something new may popby anytime =) meanwhile some tantalising peek-tures to set your tastebuds ready.

my all-time-favourites iced earl grey and tira-miss-u flavour scoop served in a chilled porcelain dish. alcoholic!! from U.d.d.e.r.s at goldhill centre (next to united square)

if you ready for some adventure, try this raspberry ivory from marriott hotel. adequately moist, yummilicious flavour and a pleasant aftertaste that lingers. Marriott Hotel @ S$7.38

mango milk ice shaved into thin sheets topped with mango puree and chunks of fresh mango that promises a sensation of smoothness and lightness, reminiscent of fine powdered snow. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... this particular flavour at Bishan Junction 8 is soooo good, better of the snow ice i had tried elsewhere. S$3.90
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Oct. 2nd, 2009

mooncakes @ marriott

mooncakes @ marriott

boasts a luscious blend of velvety chocolate praline and a truffle centre, delicately infused with a whisky jab. definitely not for the minors

assorted flavours here, each individually hand-crafted to perfection. my favourites are the horlicks and crunchy pearls snowskin with top quality valrhona chocolate balls. very irresistible and yummy treat!

Have you had your fill yet?
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Aug. 19th, 2009

cool gadget at home!

Roomba iRobot

household chores as simple and mundane as they may be always seem to bring out the worst in me. unpleasant and burdensome are two words used to describe my experiences with it. with this new gadget at home, i can now enjoy more free time on more enjoyable tasks. let me introduce you guys to Roomba, an award winning iRobot vacuum cleaning system. this guy is really really cool and works routinely to ensure the entire house is squeaky clean. it first does a familiarisation path of the entire house and uses it robot intelligence to calculate the optimal cleaning path to efficiently clean the entire house, under and around all the furniture and along the walls! and yeshie, it navigates around all obstacles around the house!! very superb! it features an amazing three-stage cleaning system - a side brush, counter rotating brushes to scoop up dirt debris and fur (from pets!) and a powerful vacuum to pick up the finer particles. it works well on most surfaces (wood, carpet, tile, vinyl and linoleum) and adjusts automatically to various floor types.

an infra-red sensor enables it to automatically sense stairs (must avoid!) and other cliffs. it also incorporates a light bumper technology to identify walls and other objects (like slowing down upon approaching an obstacle and gently bumps onto it before switching direction). in case you are wondering if it gets stuck on cords, carpet fringe or tussels, this guy is nicely done with an anti-tangle system and automatically stops its spinning brushes and attempts to escape in such circumstances. in the unlikely event that all else fail, roomba will tell you that something is wrong with a cute two-tone "uh-oh" sound and a series of beeps and narrated voice to signal for attention to resolve the problem. when it is FINALLY done with its cleaning cycle, it docks itself back at the home base and starts charging for the subsequent usage. really amazing to witness how technology can deliver groundbreaking products to improve our lifestyle. oh ya, it can really be amusing to watch how my dog dodge a roomba-in-action =D
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Aug. 6th, 2009

commencement dinner

thanks to ivan for sharing some of these pictures taken at the commencement dinner =)

cocktail party before the dinner

yixin, ivan and yours truly!

me, titus and jx
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